Electrical Safety For Children

In this day and age, most people take electricity for granted. Electricity is just there and always available when you need it. But while this technology makes many great things possible, it can also be very risky. The risks of electrocution and fire remain a real threat. That’s why it is important to be careful whenever you’re handling electrical outlets or appliances. The danger is that childreen still don’t understand the real dangers associated with electricity and these needed to be pointed out to them by the best Truro electrician.

Here are some handy hints for being safe when it comes to electricity.

All electrical and fuse boxes in the home should be locked and out of reach of children

Start teaching your children basic safety tips. They should know that it is dangerous to put objects in the electrical sockets. It is also important for them to be aware that anything with a cord attached could also be dangerous.

If you live in an area where there are power lines at height, don’t allow children to climb trees around that area. Kite flying is also another dangerous activity around power lines.
Show children how to unplug plugs properly. It should be pulled out using the actual plug rather than the cord or cable attached to it.

Try to keep electrical cable securely fastened and out of sight as this will prevent tripping and temptations to play.

If there are any frayed or damaged electrical cables in the house you should replace them immediately.

For more complex problems hire a Truro electrician for professional advice which will keep your children safe.

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