How To Earn a Profit from Blackjack Rather Than Using so Called “Winning Systems”

How To Earn a Profit from Blackjack Rather Than Using so Called "Winning Systems"

As a casino player, would you want to lose money by using those ERSONAL STATEMENTS named EIGHT or Nine which supposedly tells the odds of the game? Don’t you fear that some PERFECT SYSTEM will be “just out of your price range” if you discover some of these forms of systems. Are you STARTED rather than planned?

So are you reallyULEs to be playing your favorite casino games? Or, are you STARTED to lose by using any particular system name? The fact of the matter is that both situations are pretty much the same – you have failed to plan properly. Let me show you how.

I have personally done dozens of interviews with gamblers who have asked me to share with them a technique for winning consistently at their favorite casino games. Many of the interviews were with people who had already won and some were with people who were still playing but seemed to be losing more often than they were winning.

The one question that I always asked them was “Could you please tell me the ONE thing you have that someone who reads your eBook will be able to duplicate to make them a guaranteed winner?”. I have had so many of these requests, you would think that I would have had them all over the past 2 years since I have put out my first Blackjack book!

The short answer is that there is no one technique that you can use that will make you a guaranteed winner. There is no token system, no progressive strategy that will guarantee you will win. If you search the web you will see a lot of vendors selling those kinds of things. You know what they are? SITES! There are a lot of casino/gambling rooms that will let you in on your friends and also sell you some very expensive packages. How do you think they got so many players?! You know what I mean. People who have been playing for a while and some who are just “Naga303“!

The other thing is you will find that players will tell you that some of these techniques are not even applicable to casino games like blackjack or roulette. Well, I did start out telling you how to win at blackjack. But, when I was finished with the subject, I realized that it was not blackjack related. And, there are so many other games that you can play to make the same kind of money. Besides, are the casinos going to care?

I know this. I have seen casinos try to throw everyone off the cards in order to control the bets. It doesn’t matter if you can predict the flip of the cards or know what the dealer has in his hand. If they can control the bets that are being placed, they control the bets. I know that from personal experience. I have watched men try to tell me what they have just picked up on the previous hands that they have played against me and of course, I have fallen for it every time as well. It is a sad thing to realize that you can’t always get your money’s at the preserve of the casinos.

I, of course, am no scientist and no one is claiming that you can actually predict a coin toss or anything, but it is possible to guess at the probabilities. It is possible to predict the cards that a player is going to receive. It is also possible to predict a lot more, such as what the next card could be if a 23 hits on the first flip. The bottom line is, you can occasionally “see” what the casino is up to before they even do it. They can tell you what the odds are and you can’t argue with that.

I have had enough with roulette systems and secrets. I don’t care if you play with a statistical approach or a mathematical approach and you don’t care if they are legit or not, I am no longer going to waste my time trying to learn how to win at roulette – whether it is statistical or mathematical. You can do better than that!