The 7 Texas Holdem Strategy Commandments

The 7 Texas Holdem Strategy Commandments

You peek at your cards, you fold at the first opportunity when a very aggressive player reminds you of his hand, only to see a full house on the next street. This turns into a costly mistake as other players see the turn and river for free, and ante up with much bigger hands than yours. How do you get these people to pay? You don’t because they are stupid (like you), but rather you use a Texas Holdem strategy of your own. Read on to learn more now.

One of the biggest mistakes players make in Texas Holdem is playing too many hands. Follow this simple advice if you want to win at Holdem.

Texas Holdem Strategy Commandments #1 – Play Only Good Hands

A successful Texas Holdem player will be selective and hard to spot. This doesn’t mean you only want to play hands such as pocket aces, but rather when you decide to play, you want to play only good hands.

Playing a low percentage of hands is a quick way to lose a lot of money. Sure, you may flop a lucky river full of twos and kings, but if you are drawing one of those every third hand, you are losing a lot of money before you even get to show your cards.

Texas Holdem Strategy Commandments #2 – Don’t Bet Until You Have Something Good

The classic mistake of new players – Starting to bet before you have anything – is a costly mistake. If you are going to bet, bet strong, and usually bet aggressively.

The hands you are going to play are generally the hands you are most likely to win. If you are in early position and you have a pair of 4’s, you are in a good position to represent the strength of your hand to the other players. If you on the button and you have a pair of A’s, you are in a similar position, although the button is going to either bet or check depending on his cards.

Texas Holdem Strategy commands #3 – Don’t Play Too Much From Early Positions

Playing marginal hands from an early position is generally not a winning strategy. Almost all of the featured players in the top poker sites (bigger than medium ones) play marginal hands from early position, and they are generally the ones taking home the larger pots. If you want to win at Texas Holdem, you too should follow suit.

Texas Holdem Strategy commands #4 – Try To Flop The Big Pots

The famed quote attributed to poker legend Hansen, ‘You have to play big pots to win big pots’, can definitely be applied to no limit holdem. With the combination of aggression and thorough knowledge of all the right places to be folding at, you can definitely win at this game.

Texas Holdem Strategy commands #5 – If You Are Far Behind, LetSTRUCT Your Opponents

If you are far behind and the bets are getting bigger by the minute, it is time to take action. Try to identify the hands of your opponents and when you know you have the best hand, make your move.

The judgments you make on the relative strength of your cards in a hand will affect how you play the hand. If you think you have the best hand, you will play accordingly and not allow yourself to be blinded by an inferior hand. Even if the board cards on your side, you should raise your bet to create a situation where you are the one betting.

Texas Holdem Strategy commandes #6 – Look Out For Your Opponents Whenever You Play

If you are playing against relatively tight or loose players, you should always look out for the types when you are playing. You want to look for the types that are going to donate their chips to their opponents. Althoughchers, fish, and zen players are favourite targets, any solid player will give you fits if you fall under their category.

Texas Holdem Strategy commandes #7 – Make A Pre-flop Raise Whenever You Play

Although, a pre-flop raise might not be adequate if you have a few callers, in the long run a pre-flop raise will always move opponents with good hands out of the game. Even if there are a lot of callers, a pre-flop raise is frequently enough to get rid of those not so solid hands.

The objective in playing Dewavegas online, is to have better hand than your opponent. In order to better your hand and in order to have a better chance of winning, you should consider using a variant of the tight-aggressive poker strategy. Although this is ideal, you want to remember that in order to play Texas Holdem online, you are not going to have the time to experiment with many different strategies, as you will likely only have a short period of time to take decisions.